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UBC Study on Secure Bike Parking

By: Camille Lefrancois
University of British Columbia Greenest City Scholar Program
November 7, 2014

University of British Columbia Grad student Camille Lefrancois has put together a pilot proposal for secure bicycle parking in Vancouver, a growing need in cities big and small where journey to work and other long term stay destinations demand better facilities that offer weather protection, gear storage and change rooms, as well as more robust security.

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Pay as you go bike lockers

Car access bike lockers provide added level of security for downtown bike parking, attract new users to ride into downtown Vancouver, Washington

By: Jonathon Maus
Bike Portland
February 10, 2013

Bike security is in the news when thefts are reported or other stories make the media. The program in Vancouver, Washington, is not new, but it's not been posted here before so much (some photos are up in the photo galleries section that are connected to my flickr pages.

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Homeless in Cleveland making bike racks

Church initiative helps connect street population with life support through work

By: Michael O"Malley
January 24, 2013

Bike racks are simple technology. Now a local church, the city of Cleveland, and a non-profit funder have teamed up to help local homeless men start a business tooling up and making racks from a nearby metal supplier. The project, one of a number of ideas being incubated by the church, provides training and lifeskills that will help those served to get back into the mainstream.

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Bicycle Parking Shelter Wins Award

Michigan's Duo-Gard Industries custom built bike shelter takes Reader's Choice Award from Ennvironmental Journal

Weather protected bike parking is a plus for cycling commuters and other riders who look for high levels of service at their destinations. Keeping the bike protected from the elements extends component life, protects other gear and for the cyclist, keeps the seat dry for a comfortable ride - pedaling in the rain is fine, sitting in it is like wearing a wet diaper!

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New Bike Assembly Station at Portland Airport

Traveling cyclists and airport employees get bike station type facilities to support their ride.

Portland leads American cities in growing transportation cycling and has been an incubator of new and innovative treatments and programs to support cycling.

An airport assembly station for traveling cyclists is a new service for them and provides work stand, tools and local cycling information to help support Oregon's robust cycling tourism economy.

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Bicycles taking over parking spaces in Toronto

Car parking conversions pioneered in Victoria and Portland popping up in other cities.

By: Yvonne Bambrick
Toronto Cyclists Union
July 13, 2010

The "Bike Corral" is taking over on-street vehicle parking spaces in numbers of downtowns and commercial areas across North America. Several years ago I saw seasonal use of spots in an Ottawa neighbourhood.

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Mandatory bike parking comes to North Van

Council endorses new bicycle parking and destination facility requirements for new developments

By: Daniel Pi
North Shore Outlook
May 23, 2010

Many cities in North America have bicycle parking requirements in bylaws, ordinances, zoning codes, etc.

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Bicycle Parking as Public Art

Pittsburgh features unique and functional bike racks in their steet furniture designs

By: From Scott Bricker
Bike Pittsburgh
April 15, 2010

Bike Pittsburgh sent me news awhile back about their bike parking program. Executive Director Scott Bricker said that the Mayor's office was impressed with our work and our manual and wanted to point us to the newer bike racks the city is using to meet their growing cycling population. The design is unique, attractive and looks functional enough.

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Victoria Businesses Get on Board with Bike Parking

Downtown business in Victoria works with city and cyclists to open up new bike parking corrals for the city's Bike to Work Week in May

By: Ken Kelly
Downtown Victoria Business Association
April 15, 2010

For the past few years discussions have been moving the bicycle "corral" idea forward in downtown Victoria. Two permanent installations have already been built in the city and are the subject of a case study on the site.

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Bike Station DC

August 2009 - New Bike Station service aims to supply secure parking in Washington, DC

By: Yamiche Alcindor
The Washington Post
March 15, 2010

Last year the Washington Post reported on the soon to be opened "Bike Station" in downtown D.C. The $4 million U.S. project was opened in October of 2009 and follows a model first developed in Long Beach, California where secure storage facilities, often along with other services like showers and change rooms, have been popping up in cities across the U.S.

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