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Traveling cyclists and airport employees get bike station type facilities to support their ride.

Portland leads American cities in growing transportation cycling and has been an incubator of new and innovative treatments and programs to support cycling.

An airport assembly station for traveling cyclists is a new service for them and provides work stand, tools and local cycling information to help support Oregon's robust cycling tourism economy.

Direct info from the Port of Portland at:

One of the first assembly stations at a North American airport appeared in Victoria, British Columbia to support the 2004 Pro Walk - Pro Bike conference that brought nearly 600 delegates to the provincial capital. Working with local advocates the airport authority installed temporary facilities that were converted to a permanent facility in 2008. The station includes a work stand, basic tools and air pump, as well as a roof against the weather, and a small storage shed to store or exchange cardboard bike boxes.

Along with the assembly station, the Airport Authority also retrofitted the terminal access road with bike lanes, and delivered in time for the conference in 2004. More recently a new off-road path was constructed along the north edge of the airport lands to support local recreational cyclists and walkers. With a surrounding air service industrial neighbourhood and nearby residential areas at Sidney by the Sea and the more rural Central Saanich and North Saanich municipalities, the bike lanes and path also serve a growing population of local commuters for whom the modest distances and flat terrain make cycling an attractive transportation choice.


Bike Assembly Station at Victoria's airport includes workstand, shelter and box storage:

Victoria Airport's bike assembly station is steps away from the Departures end of the terminal and shares space with one of the many pieces of public art that can be found at the airport.

Newly added to the airport assembly station are bike lockers for temporary secure storage.

Bike lanes connect area travelers and commuters to Victoria's airport along Willingdon Road, the main access to the terminal:

New off road path on airport lands serves recreational cyclists :