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Short-term parking

Class II / Class B


  • Convenient access to destination
  • Parking visible from destination
  • Racks parallel to street out of pedestrian flow
  • Lighting & personal security
  • Racks positioned to provide 2-sided access
  • Weather protection, if possible

Short-term facilities are needed in shopping areas or where cyclists will expect parking accessible to and/or visible from their immediate destination. Retail stores, a medical clinic, a library or a restaurant are good examples of destinations where short-term bicycle parking facilities can be expected to serve cyclists from a few minutes to an hour or more.

Rack should be no more than 15m/50ft from the entrance of destinations. Steady flows of pedestrians or a spot visible through store windows may be relied upon to minimize opportunities for theft or tampering beyond the security provided by a lock. Racks located further away will often be ignored in favour of nearby fixed objects. Bikes can damage trees and using other street furniture may create hazards for pedestrians, particularly those with sight impairments or mobility challenges.

Weather protection is an appealing amenity that adds value and will increase usage. Building overhands or other features can provide weather protection. Free-standing or purpose-built shelters are available and will add appeal to any facility, but is secondary to the need for accessibility and security.

Visible bicycle parking also promotes cycling. The proliferation of attractive, convenient and effective bicycle parking invites cyclists to destinations. Signage will also be helpful in directing cyclists to racks or other facilities.

Racks should be oriented to maximize their efficiency. Single racks, like the inverted 'U' favoured in this manual, should be installed parallel to the street and with sufficient clearance from curb edges and building walls to allow bicycles to be parked on either side of the rack. Space is also needed for people exiting vehicles where on-street parking is allowed. Locations that require cyclists to carry bikes over stairs should be avoided.