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Cycling Organizations

Engineering and Design

Consulting Services and Expert Advice

  • Capital Bike and Walk provides consulting services in the Greater Victoria area on bicycle parking systems and site planning.
  • Steven Vance: A great source in Chicago (he works for the city)(www.stevenvance.net)
  • Parking Consultants International, a company that deals primarily in vehicle parking technology and planning, includes their page on connecting bikes to transit by providing appealing bicycle parking facilities at transit stations. Here's an example from Victoria (Australia) (www.parkingconsultants.com)


Bike Rack Suppliers
A complete list is also available as a PDF. Check the link at the bottom of the page.

  • Advantage Bike Racks and Bike Lockers, Vancouver, British Columbia (www.advantagebikeracks.com):
    • Several good rack designs
    • Inexpensive cage style lockers
  • Dobra Design, Vancouver, British Columbia (www.dobradesign.com):
    • Several good rack designs as well as other street furniture products.
  • CORA Bike Racks, Vancouver, BC (www.corabikerackcanada.com):
    • Popular "coat hanger" style cluster rack manufacturer
  • Bike-Up Bicycle Parking Systems, Nepean, Ontario (www.bikeup.com):
    • Canadian manufacturer of cluster and vertical rack systems
  • Urban Bicycle Parking Systems, Vancouver, BC (www.urbanracks.com):
    • Canadian supplier of ad racks and some interesting new storage and weather protection systems
  • Bike Rack.ca(http://bikerack.ca/):
    • Newer Canadian company (Vaughn, Ontario) with coat hanger style rack and some vertical racks.
  • Pedal Pod(http://www.pedalpod.com/):
    • Vancouver area company (Delta, BC) that produces a wedge shaped locker that provides space efficient, secure parking lockers that ramp the bike up in the locker.
  • Beyond the Garage Door Bike Lockers (http://www.beyondthegaragedoor.ca/):
    • Vaughn, Ontario supplier of fibreglass reinforced plastic bike lockers.
  • Reliance Foundry Co.(http://www.reliance-foundry.com/bike-parking/):
    • Vancouver area (Surrey) company with product line of racks and attractive metal lockers.
  • Sport Systems Canada(http://www.sportsystemscanada.com/):
    • Ontario based (Almonte) company with product line of racks and cost effective polyethelene lockers.
  • Bike Box Canada (Saskatoon, Sask.) (http://www.bikeboxcanada.com/):
    • Supplier of pie-shaped (for clustering) recycled plastic bike lockers.
  • C-Media Outdoor.Com(http://www.cmediaoutdoor.com/):
    • Vancouver area company provides advertising supported racks and panels for locker systems.
  • Tower Fence(http://www.towerfence.com/):
    • Vancouver Island supplier of fencing products has various wire and steel reinforcement products for the design and construction of bicycle enclosures that can provide various levels of security for multi-unit storage at homes or workplaces. Check out some of their pictures for illustrations.
  • U.S.A.

  • Cycle Safe, Ada, Michigan (www.cycle-safe.com):
    • Commonly used lockers at transit stations
    • Also has a new wall mount rack design that may have potential
  • Dero Bike Rack Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota (www.dero.com)
    • Decorative and functional bike racks
    • Will do custom design racks
    • Lockers
    • Weather Shelters
  • Dura Bike Lockers (California) (www.durabikelocker.com):
    • Utilitarian design bike lockers, includes specific product for recumbent bikes.
  • Huntco, Portland, Oregon (huntco.com):
    • Bike pod looks like a good product and "user your own lock" lockers
  • Creative Pipe, Rancho Mirage, California (creativepipe.com):
    • Variety of bike parking products, including lockers
  • Creative Metalworks, Dayton, Oregon (www.creativemetalworksllc.com):
    • More decorative bike racks
  • Saris Cycling Group, Madison, Wisconsin (www.saris.com):
    • Some bike parking products (Bike bank series) that are useful for some applications
  • Bike Parking.com (www.bikeparking.com):
    • U.S. supplier. Some quality racks in their product line, also includes lockers
  • Bike Link (www.bikelink.org):
    • U.S. supplier. Promoters of a card lock bike locker system. Good concept, manufacturer not clear.
  • American Bicycle Security Company(www.ameribike.com):
    • U.S. supplier. Locker design that allow for inspection of contents.
  • Bike Lid(www.bikelid.com):
    • U.S. supplier. Covered bike racks that provide security and protection from theft or vandalism.
  • Pedal Pod(www.premierplastics.com/pedalpod2/):
    • U.S. supplier. Not real attractive, but functional.
  • Park a Bike(www.parkabike.com/index.html/):
    • Bike locker supplier. Also has some good free standing racks and some interesting videos on grading bike rack designs.
  • Bike Gard(www.ida.net/users/bikegd/):
    • U.S. supplier. Locker design that allow for inspection of contents.
  • Sunshine U-Lok Corporation(www.sunshineu-lok.com/):
    • U.S. supplier of bike lockers.
  • Bike Security Racks Co. Ltd.(www.bikeracks.com/):
    • U.S. supplier (Cambridge, MA). Supplier of ramp style racks and other product lines. Prices are high.
  • Madrax Bike Racks(www.madrax.com/):
    • U.S. supplier with a variety of quality bike racks and lockers. They still have some duds in the product line but many good and innovative designs are available.
  • PromoRack(www.promorack.com/):
    • U.S. supplier of retrofit kits for parking meters, signposts etc. that provide bike parking supported by advertising panels.
  • Europe, Australia etc.

  • Cycle Hoop(www.cyclehoop.com/):