Advertising Supported Bike Racks

  • Partnering to fund racks and lockers

Racks supported by advertising panels can fund rack installations

Bike lockers have plenty of space for advertising.

Some locations may lend themselves to advertising, using small billboard style attachments on bike racks or even on shelters or lockers to help defray the cost of hardware, installation and or maintenance of racks or other facilities.

While many locations may not be suitable, owing to considerations of visual pollution or other issues in the public right of way, private property locations or busy commercial areas where advertising is already uniquitous may be appropriate.

Vancouver, Victoria and other locations in B.C. already use ad racks at some private installations. Vancouver and Penticton in the province's interior have racks in the public right of way that include advertising.

C-Media, a company in North Vancouver, BC, installs racks for free where advertising can be included.

Other private funder options include racks sponsored as memorials much like park benches are in many parks. Victoria has one example of this approach and there may be others in place in other jurisdictions.

Bike lockers lend themselves well to billboard style advertising and manufacturers promote the utility of their products for ad panels. Cycle Safe, a U.S. company, is a leading locker supplier that can be adapted to accommodate ad panels.