Bike to School

Examples of bike parking strategies at our schools

    Good bike parking facilities are an essential service for school children.

Schools are protected by restricted access where freestanding bike racks with minimal additional security may be adequate.

Bike racks at schools should be secured behind fences or better still located close to school buildings.

Schools present a special case for bicycle parking. There are a number of issues that inform the design of installations and the choice of racks at schools.

At elementary schools, childrens bikes - small wheels, fat tires etc - mean that some rack types that are usually not recommended for most bikes may work for kids. Concrete "wheel benders" or comb/toaster style racks that support bikes by the wheel may be acceptable for some bikes, particularly those too small for some racks designed for adult sized bikes.

Security needs at schools are often less stringent than those necessary at workplaces. While children are at school for the day, school grounds are most often afforded some level of access control that includes fencing and signage that discourages trespass during the school day.

For best bike security, racks are best located closer to school buildings and away from perimeter fencing to reduce or eliminate the incidence of opportunistic theft or vandalism. Locations near office or classroom windows also provide the additional security of informal surveillance that helps to protect bikes.

Less often provided, but a most welcome addition to any school bike parking faciliity, will be weather protection. Bikes left to sit in the rain all day means wet seats, slippery pedals and soggy handgrips. Encouraging kids to cycle to school is an easier task when better levels of service are provided.

For school staff and teachers, the usual workplace facilities are more appropriate.