Vancouver, (Washington) Bike Parking Innovations

  • Bike rack with pump a value added service
  • Card accessed bike lockers provide extra security for downtown visitors

Vancouver's bike rack with pump is an interesting value added design

Card accessed bike locker provide high security for long term parking

Vancouver, Washington is located across the Columbia River from bike mecca Portland in Oregon state. With a local bike culture generating numbers of innovative on road designs and other supportive facilities, it's a good place to find new ideas being tested out.

Downtown Vancouver has a couple of innovations designed to provide an extra level of service for cycling commuters and visitors to the city.

At a couple of locations, a sturdy floor pump is anchored into a cement block chained to an adjacent, and attractive, inverted "U" or staple style bike rack. A feature plate with a bike stencil cut out adds a nice aesthetic and clearly emphasizes use of this unique piece of street furniture.

Elsewhere in the downtown, a card operated locker system provides an extra measure of security for cyclists who may lack storage at nearby workplaces or downtown shoppers or visitors riding expensive bikes or who want the comfort of full security for a longer visit downtown.

City staff also use the lockers for city owned fleet bikes used occasionally for interoffice visits or errands.

Cost of the bike lockers is very low and supported by senior government programs aimed at reducing air quality impacts from transportation by shifting choices to sustainable modes. The perforated lockers discourage any other use but bike storage and the card lock system is easy and functional.