Victoria Airport Destination Facilities

  • Providing destination facilities to support intermodal transportation

Victoria International Airport has bike lockers beside a bike assembly station

In 2004 the Pro Walk - Pro Bike conference came to Victoria, bringing 600 to B.C.'s capital city.

In preparation for the conference we approached airport management to make improvements to on-road facilities and accommodation for travelers with bikes at the airport terminal. Bike lanes were added the airport access road and a temporary assembly station was set up at the airport.

After the conference was over plans were advanced to make the bike assembly station a permanent facility. Completed in 2007, cycling visitors have a place to assemble or disassemble bikes, including a work stand, some basic tools chained to the stand and a floor pump for use at the shelter. A bike rack sits under a purpose built weather canopy and a plastic garden type shed is in place where cyclists can leave airline bike boxes for reuse or recyling. Upon their return, they are free to pick up theirs or any other bike in the rotation for a return journey home. Unlocked, the shed has nevertheless been used by cyclists with more elaborate commercial bike carriers designed for travel.

A follow up to the bike assembly station, bike storage lockers have lately been added. After some lobbying and investigation, airport management realized that the lockers posed no significant security threat and with a high level of cycling in the capital region, a key service demanded by local cyclists commuting or travelling through the airport.

Victoria's model facilities are being watched by other airport operators around North America to assess their suitability for application in other locations.