YMCA Purpose Built Weather Shelter

  • Purpose built shelter
  • Efficient rack design and placement

YMCA Shelter protects bikes and provides a gateway at the building main entrance

At Victoria's downtown YMCA architects sought our advice to design a new bicycle parking scheme to move bikes off of adjacent sidewalks and fences and provide a more aesthetic and ordered storage facility.

We suggested a weather shelter to protect bikes from the elements while patrons were inside at the gym and recommended an inverted "U" rack design to fit into the shelter and provide efficient and effective parking for the many visitors arriving by bike.

The architect worked to create a roof element that complemented the building and create a gateway to the main entrance and the city allowed for a reduction in vehicle parking spaces in exchange for the expanded number of bike spaces.

The facility was immediately popular but demand continues to clutter sidewalks with bikes as increasing numbers of cyclists head downtown to the facility.